March 30, 2008


TT n I are happy! Can you tell? We had the funnest night out at a restaurant on the beach, listening to some new friends play guitar and sing. Went with godchildren's mom (she is such a great friend to us) and a friend of hers. We just had fun!

I haven't been much of a blogger these days. Busy with family, friends, cooking, and now, doing some more rearranging in the dining room and keeping room. Bought three Paul Jackson watercolor prints. Am all excited about getting some ART on our walls!

TT found out today that a sister and a nephew are coming back to the Catholic Church. Remember he is the eldest of twelve. One sibling died an infant. They were raised Catholic, but after their father died, they all had experiences with Jesus outside of the Church and all became Protestant. Their father was a convert in his early twenties. Coming back to the Catholic Church is a powerful way for them all to honor him. He was a fabulous man.

I deleted the post I wrote about my aching heart over the split up with the 'friend' that turned out to not be a friend at all. I have prayed a lot so that my heart would not be judging and hardened. I was concerned my post was a bit whiny. Yech.

I had spent time with her and her family almost exclusively, to the neglect of some other friends. It has been fun and heartwarming to see the Lord open doors of relationships all around me. I shan't be alone!!

I have been reading the Bible pretty regularily and His word keeps my heart tender and pliable. I hate it when I get arrogant and self-assured. Right now, I am in a wonderful place of security in my relationship with Him, just feeling like He is so near and tenderly watching over us.

The picture says it all!
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Gardenia said...

You guys look so beautiful!!!!! I am so wistful - I wish "H" would like to do something besides sleep & TV, it gets very lonely. We are very isolated as a couple, family.

I am sorry about your friend - friendship is a precious gift especially in these days of busy lives and should not have been so lightly considered.

Tim's family must be quite happy - there is something special about an entire family being together in what they believe. My heart yearns for my kids to be around me in church on Easter - but I understand too, that life doesn't give that all of the time....but when it does, what a gift!

The Word has become more precious to me this year too - really its the only unchanging thing to cling to in this crazy world today.....but as appropriate for today as it was hundreds of years ago.

My friends have recommended a book which I'm reading - something recommended by Oprah on spirituality but the guy that wrote it doesn't get it....if we get together I'll tell you about it. Apparently 6 million people are tuned into her series with him - that means 6 million people with hungry hearts but not hearing the truth - well, may they find it.

Not going to Birmgingham - something happened and trip called off - but am going to Mobile - so a trip by myself - I don't mind, gives me lots of time to pray -

Be blessed as you are immersed in your ministry to home, family, and clients.....I would love to see your prints!!!!!


You look so happy and contented and peaceful in each others company.

I want that. One day eh? x

Further on up the road said...

You are so lucky.

Poor 4D - I see his comment above and read his troubled stuff. I pray for him to get what he wants, maybe one day he'll realise he has it but continues to search too hard for what is in front of his face. I know I did that for too long, and sometimes slip into that mode too easily again.

D.T. said...

What are you talking about? I read that post of your friend who wasnt really a friend and I did not find it to be "whiny" at all. You were going through a rough and tough time with a person you held so dear and you were just opening up to us, your friends, about it. It's totally understandable. And plus, this is your blog. A blog filled with your thoughts, your hopes, your wishes, your fears, your tears, your prayers and dreams. And if people have a problem with a post, then they have the option to read it or weed it. I, for one, will continue to read. I love your posts Ms. Hattigrace. And I love that you and your family are in a happy place right now! God bless...

Joni said...

Such a happy picture of the two of you.

That is wonderful about the siblings returning to the Church.

God bless.