December 6, 2008


Dot started when she turned 29 thinking of all the things she said she was gonna do "someday" and decided she wanted "someday" to come before she turned 30.

She began taking French classes at our local Junior College. And she determined she wanted to get into shape.

She began working out at the YMCA daily. She got very bored walking on the treadmill and wondered what it would be like to run. A perky song came on her iPod and she thought she would try to run one song.

One day, several songs in a row inspired running and she looked down to discover for the first time in her life, she had run a full mile!

That was the beginning.

November 30, she completed the Space Coast Marathon at Cocoa Beach, Florida with her father, husband, sister, neices, mama and Isabella all cheering her on.

I am in awe of her accomplishment. And a bit green. (Drat my weakened back !!) She had her share of setbacks. A knee injury. Lots of economic issues. But she kept on. And on.

I worry about her body. I have too many friends that were runners in their youth that have horrible knee and feet problems. I hope she tapers to body-friendly distances.

I can understand why she wanted to complete a marathon. Just like why she wanted to walk on fire. Does a body and soul good to know an overcomer is in there.
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David Tellez said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations! Good for Dot! Improving one's life is always a good thing. You can never go wrong when you learn new things and improve your health. So, don't worry that much Ms. Hatti Grace. Dot is just living life to the fullest. Let her have her fun. In the are you? Long time, no post!

Gardenia said...

More than a conquerer! My Mag still would not change anything about her physical accomplishments - there is no explaining why some athletes stay in prime shape and why others parts give out - ah, Dot is a woman warrior.