June 8, 2008


Hmmmmmmmmm. . . I was taken by surprise at god-daughter's Ballet Recital celebration dinner when my friend who I had the falling out with wanted to talk.

We did. Until about midnight. Went from restaurant over to their house. All four of us. Sometimes five.

I learned a lot. I had moved on. God has been giving me a lot of gifts. Refreshed friendship with my Katrina friend and started attending her Bible Study every third week. That has been rich.

He gave me back DayBreak, a friend from way back who used to work for me at Orlando salon. We had paths to travel, but our roads converged. We both are goofy, kinda like a honeymoon. We talk about once a week or less. Our phone date today was two hours, forty one minutes and fifteen seconds!! That was rich, too.

Then there is a client who invited me into her Bunco group and I see them once a month. In August, they all come here!! What fun.

Gardenia and I have been getting to spend some time together at paint parties and now we are trying to coordinate a foursome dinner. I am so happy to be seeing her more. (but so much LESS of her. OMGosh, she looks divine!!)

Painting has led me to begin turning our big front room into a gallery. I love sitting in there, looking at my primitive and kind of juvenile paintings. I keep wondering what my work will look like a year from now and in five years!

My biggest blessing is my healed family. We have BOTH our daughters, our granddaughters and one son-in-law. And our dear god-children and my very precious friend, their mama.

My life is full. Happy. Relatively peaceful. I continue to seek to grow in grace in my relationship with the Lord. To uplift and encourage and be kind.

I look for the good and try to overlook the difficult. And I don't want to have the negatives be the focus of any relationship.

I am happy to have her back in my life. I never stopped loving her. I don't trust that what I say/do gets rightly interpreted. Which will keep me on guard. That's okay.

Last night was what she/they don't like about me. Honestly, I had to agree with them. I don't like everything about me either! It was a new start. I am hopeful.

He is my source of all good things.

Hence, I am okay with it all.


Buffy said...

Was reading Mere Christianity and thought of you. Have been catching up on your blog.

As always, you're inspirational.


Joni said...

Always good to see God restore things that have been lost...especially relationships. Sometimes, trust takes a long time to rebuild.

Further on up the road said...

Just read a great post on forgiveness here... http://rantingsara.blogspot.com/2008/06/living-in-lighter-head-and-heart.html

some great words in that....

I'm being told something here aren't I?

Gardenia said...

Oh, dear Hattig, I wonder sometimes hearing about what folks don't like about us. I know we can use it as a tool for betterment - but doesn't everyone have some qualities that others don't like? Love is accepting the other person unconditionally. Oh that we could all achieve that!

Remember what Barbara used to say about "pray it on them, don't lay it on them?" Trust is an earned gift, once it has been shattered.

I don't see anything about you that I would change - your self discovery and honesty and willingness to do anything to please God are leading you to where HE would have you go.....that is the high path - you are a hero (don't know how to spell the female word for hero, LOL - ) because you take the steps He lays out for you toward the future - we are all growing - - - and you are gentle with the past - - -

Jada's Gigi said...

What a wonderful life! You are so blessed! To have peace in this life is so fragile...enjoy and feel blessed.