October 5, 2009

Color Dilema

Dot told me my color was faded out and I needed some depth. First photo on left.

I agreed. So I did my color. In a hurry, as usual. I don't quite get why I won't ask for help. The center photo is after I applied a root formula, an ends formula and had Dot put in some foils that went way too light, so then I did a golden glaze over the whole "mess". Actually, in the center photo, it looks good. That night, at Bonefish with Dot and Hub and TT, I did think I was happening.

However, the next day, as I was out running errands, I saw everyone look at my color and quickly look away. Yeah, it was hideous. Grabby ends with odd tones, way too dark at temples. All that does not show in thephoto taken in the gentle lighting of candles.

We had an event that night, so I tied up those grabby ends and had a martini (or five) and forgot about it.

But yesterday, I had to face it. I returned to the salon and refoiled my hair. Did a little trick called a "soap cap" on the ends and degrabbed them. It's not a good photo, for a couple of reasons. Poor lighting and I was sick. Why? I broke out in hives after I did my color. I had bleach bubbles all over my neck and arms bc I was doing the shampoo myself. (Hint- have a STYLIST do your color!!!) So, in this pic, I am still swollen and pale.

For now, I am reasonably happy with my hair. I realized I am NOT a brunette at heart. Oi.
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Four Dinners said...

well you could always have a number 1 crop like me?

...er...yeah...perhaps not...;-)

Gardenia said...

Well, the color AS IT LOOKS in the Middle Photo - really "pops" for you....its very good...sorry it wasn't the same way in the light - (remember my wild pink hair?) - - whew. But, I bet you would be dazzling sliding over that way if it could turn out like the photo......

Shannon Keel said...

funny I didn't see this till now. I did see your pics a while back. Even though in person it took with bad tones... I still like that middle darker color on you..... but I know pics aren't everything. I love my color in person but it looks blah in pics. Ahem... yes you need to NOT get bleach bubble all over you neck... surely you know a Stylist up there to do your hair!! LOL