August 11, 2008

Dot's Three Ohhh Birthday!

At 12:02 a.m. August 8, 2008, I get a text from Dot.
"Dang, 30 feels wierd. . ."
She really was not 30 yet, because she was born 12:29 a.m. We talked until she was 30 and 15 minutes. That meant a lot to me to get to share that milestone moment with her. Hmmm, it really feels wierd that my baby is 30. Eeeeek!

We began her party Friday with a surprise lunch! Jade flew in earlier than Dot knew and Assistant and Friend took off from work. It was relaxing and fun, just the five of us, nibbling, sipping and giggling!

Saturday, Jade and I went into work mode, cranking out the requested food items, picking up flowers and doing the million other things on our list. We work well together. Assistant and Friend prepared other parts of the night's menu, brought ice and beverage parts. Though a lot of work in all, it really came together peacefully.

I did Jade's hair with a wave iron. Turned out gorgeous! I had braided Dot's hair the night before her birthday, so it had two days to dry into her lovely waves. Those two styles were as close as we were willing to get to the scrunched perms of the Eighties!

My tribute to that decade was the banana clip I found on Ebay and my very heavy blush! Funny.

Dot arrived on the back of Hubby's motorcycle in one short, hot litttle black dress! She would later take me in the back and safety pin mine about six inches shorter!

We had a wall of her childhood photos and an 80's memorabilia book, 80's music and a slap bracelet from Assistant to help us all time travel!

Son-in-Law masterminded an art station with acrylic paints and a huge canvas so we could all literally leave a handprint for her birthday. It turned into quite a piece of abstract art. He also installed the disco ball and other fabulous lighting.

The best part of the weekend was being together as family and close friends, celebrating the grace of God in life and in His restoring love.

PS The parents of my god-children are in the process of reconciling. It is a beautiful thing. He is a godly man who is going through a beautiful reformation. God pours out His grace on the humble. What people miss in thinking they don't need Him and are so good on their own. Seeing them happily together was the exclamation point on the night.

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Gardenia said...

Your dress is the first thing I noticed - magnificent dress - and so cute on you - Dot was right, loved the knees peeking out - was just wondering the other day if I could possibly.....I love the styles out now

I saw the wonderful masterpiece you guys did - what fun!

Happy Birthday once again, Dot!

Joni said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Congrats to Dot!

Jada's Gigi said...

Sounds like an awesome party! but your hair was the first thinkg I noticed. :) did you get the Rhianna cut? My daughter's looks just like that. :)