August 31, 2008

Waiting for Gustav

God-son's birthday was this weekend. He had three celebrations. Family dinner Wednesday night. Friend and family party at our house 3:00 Saturday. And church friends today at lunch.

It is a restless, tenative time waiting for hurricanes, even though not in the direct path. We know rough weather is ahead. All the churning highs and lows and rain and wind can be full of surprises. Look at Fay. She was very unpredictable.

TT and I have gassed up, bought bottled water, canned food, citronella and wicks for our torches (in case we lose power and have a lot of porch time!)batteries and the lot. Our house is clean, clothes laundered. Oooooh, I just remembered I need to bathe Isabella! We are READY! Because Gustav is not thundering to our doorstep directly, we don't need to board up.

What to do while we wait? God-childrens auntee, S, called and said, "Hub, daughter and I are going to the beach. Meet us there!" It was so much fun. God-children and their parents came, too. We had lovely family time skipping ahead of the tide in the balmy wind.

Gustav seems to have calmed a bit. At least he is not the raging 150 mph beast that he was on Saturday. May God answer the millions of prayers for mercy and continue to calm him to a puff of smoke by the time he reaches land in the morning.

My heart extends to New Orleans and all those temporarily displaced by his threats.
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Gardenia said...

Beautiful beach photos - I was tempted to go down, but didn't. I harbor a secret desire to be at the beach DURING a hurricane. NOT a cat 3 through. We too are as ready as we can get - I didn't worry about the lights, etc., as new SIL has access to...GENERATORS - something I always considered a luxury. Chuck had to drive to GB in this rainy mess for work - waiting for his call to say, "I'm there."

Happy Hunkering Down Time......and hopefully this storm will not be too awful as it hits land!

Buffy said...

Just thinking about you guys. Hope you're keeping safe.