August 21, 2008

Twenty-Fourth Anniversery

After Dot's big birthday bash, TT n I simply had a fabby dinner out at Bonefish to celebrate our 24th Anniversery.

I texted our girls, "24 yrs ago rt now, we were all getting ready 2 walk down the isle 2gether. Thankful 4 th grace of God 2 hold, 2 keep n 2 heal. We love u so."

One responded, "Now don't go making me cry! That's not fair! (143)" and the other, "LOL! U guys r just as sweet as the day u me!"

We are so happy. We have each other. We have our Lord Jesus and are at home in the Catholic Church. We have our two beloved daughters, one wonderful son-in-law and two precious granddaughters. We have our god children and their entire family as close friends. We have rekindled fellowship with DayBreak and Gee. I have my art. We have dear Isabella. And we both have our siblings/families. I have a fabulous career that nurtures my soul and provides our needs. We are at peace with each other. There was a lot to celebrate on Monday nite, August 18!!

(And my hair is g*r*o*w*i*n*g longer!!!)

So TT had the filet, I had the BangBang Shrimp and four martinis!!


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D.T. said...

Congratulations! My parents celebrate their 25th anniversary next month, and we're kinda making a big deal about it with a party. I didnt think I'd be all that into it, but I kinda am. I think it's because, when I grow up, I want a marriage like my parents. Filled with love and God.

Joni said...

Congrats to both of you!!!

Gardenia said...

Awwww, it did make me cry. Happy Anniversary once again.

Good marriages take so much work and so much grace. I have often wondered - how is the Body of Christ supposed to become His Bride when we can't even get along with our spouses. Thanks for being a wonderful, inspiring example.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Happy 24th babe xxx

Biddie said...

Happy belated anniversary!
LOVE the photo!

Jada's Gigi said...

Many congratulations!