February 25, 2008

Glammy Jammie Oscar's Party

We watched many movies.

We sent out invitations.

We shopped for months for just the right jammies!

We cooked for hours, preparing the best foods!

And finally, the (second annual )Glammy Jammie Oscar Party began!

Smoked Salmon Pizza (cream cheese, capers and dill)
Meat Roll-ups stuffed with Herbed Goat Cheese wrapped around Feta stuffed Olives
Focaccia with Rosemary and Grapes
Rotel Cheese Dip with Frito Scoops
Veggie Tray with Fancy Ranch Dip
Pineapple, Gala Apple and Seedless Green Grape tray with Honey Cinnamon Yogurt Dip
Wheat-free Crackers and Sundried Tomato Hummus
White and Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Mini Cherry Cheesecakes
Star Punch (Fuzzy Navels with Star Fruit!)

Jade and I worked together very well in kitchen. Her dots helped a lot, too. Assistant made the Focaccia and Dot made the Meat Roll-ups. The food was beautiful and delish!

I suppose the most touching part of the night for me was Marion Colliard's acceptance speech for winning Best Actress as Edith Pief in La Vie en Rose. TT, Dot and I loved that movie (remember our affection for Paris) and were taken with her humility and joy.

Jade, friend and dots have been here since Thursday nite. We have enjoyed every second. This morning it was hard to say goodbye, but knowing we will be together in NYC in six weeks eases the pain of separation.

Next goal. . . working off the extra winter pounds and poufs around our middles!
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Gardenia said...

You are missing your calling as a party planner! Oh, I am glad you guys had such a great time......

Further on up the road said...

Oscars what's an oscar? Is that something like our BAFTAs? :-)

Never really get why these are so important? Why don't the annual British Computer Society Awards get the same coverage - I mean it's just one industry being very introspective for a night.


I love the bizarre acceptance speaches.

Jack Nicholson - "All you rock people rock on!" he enthused mysteriously for 'China Town'?

David Niven was the best - although I didn't actually see it - when he became the first self confessed drunk to win an oscar in '58? for Seperate Tables.

"I'm loaded" was all he said.

Joni said...

I'm not an Oscar-watcher. But it sounds like you had a really great time together! And the food...yum!

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