February 2, 2008


I just wanted to see if it really does look longer! Once every decade, I stupidly cut off all my hair. This has been the least traumatic for me. Not so insecure as I once was. Better styling tools now.

Read the book HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD, at the suggestion of Beth Minardi, the hair color guru I will be studying under in a year. That book confirmed what I knew. Too short (or too long, for that matter) is O.L. (old lady!!)

I have instructed all my clients that I need their first comment to be, "My goodness, Hattigrace, your hair has really grown fast!!" I take Biotin daily to help it along!

You know I stopped smoking cigarettes September 23rd-ish. Have not had ONE!! Getting through January was a big deal. That was when I caved last year. But New Year's Eve and my friend's birthday, I had a cigar!! No inhaling, so I thought I was fine.

Then, I noticed I was craving cigs more. TT reminded me how the mouth absorbs nicotene. Hmmmm, I forgot about that. I was only thinking about my lungs and not inhaling. So, this is most likely that last cigar I will have. Didn't really enjoy it that much anyway.

Well, this is a deep and thought-provoking post!!!
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Kate Michele said...

I like your hair. I"ve always had a love of hair...and mine has been every way imaginable and every color... i'm really likin my black funky do now...sooo me... love it.

I've always wanted to be a stylist... i've been thinking alot about it lately.

Gotta like a woman with a cigar. :D

BBC said...
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BBC said...
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d34FpUpPy said...

nice hairs hattieg

Gardenia said...

I like your hair. It did look really elegant short though. And it looks good big and longer. Besides, you couldn't look old if you tried. Ooops I take that back, I rmeember Halloween.

Anonymous said...

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