February 20, 2008


Life is simple now that I have learned how to live happy .

I came home from work tonight and Kalena and I made "brinner". (that is breakfast for dinner) We all watched American Idol together. Brinner on the couch. The kids were doing acrobatics in between asking, "Miss H, did you like her, do you think she will get voted off, are you gonna vote for her?"

Little D not only ate everything on her plate, but she went back for seconds! OMG, that was a record worthy of Olympic coverage! She was so proud of herself. She came and whispered in my ear something, and I said, "I love you, too, D." She said, "No, I said I love my EGGS!!"

After eating, little D got out my brushes and combs and barrettes and proceeded to coif her mother's hair and mine!

In between, both Dot and Jade and Assistant were texting me their Idol opinions! And god-son continued asking me if I was gonna vote for the Rocker Nurse!

At the end of the show, Dot texted me to tell me to get outside to see the lunar eclipse. Sure enough, the moon looked blood-red. It looked apocolyptic.

Then Jade called to talk about when she would arrive tomorrow nite. OMG, how exciting that she and the girls will be here for our Glammy Jammy Oscars Party!

Cheese Omlette, Heart-shaped Waffles, Bacon, American Idol, two god-children, a very good friend, a new hair-do, kids eating their entire meal, texts and calls from grown daughters and a lunar eclipse. . . what a very happy night!

Does living get any better?!


Further on up the road said...

"Does living get any better?"

Rarely - :-)


I am dribbling on my keyboard. Sounds great and must have tasted great too!!!

Anonymous said...

awww thats lovley :0)

d34FpUpPy said...


Gardenia said...

No, it doesn't get much better - because that's the crown of life -

I am sorry I missed the eclipse - !!!

We too S to baseball practice and then came home early as he was running a fever. The Nanny & he are both sick today.